HiPP Organic Bio Milk Cereal with Semolina
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HiPP Organic Bio Milk Cereal with Semolina

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Hipp Organic Bio Milk Cereal with Semolina is delicate on the tummy, and an immaculate begin to your infant's new bolstering stage. Stacked with vitamin C, B, and A, you can feel confident your little one is getting the supplements they requirement for bone quality and insusceptible support. Refreshed with the naturally delivered recipe, there's no compelling reason to blend with bosom drain or equation (be that as it may, you can if you need!). Hipp's adherence to utilizing the finest natural fixings guarantees your child is getting an item free of GMO's, pesticides, herbicides, and destructive chemicals.

Product Details

  • NO inclusion of sugars
  • Fortified with child well-disposed recipe
  • Calcium and vitamin D for bone quality
  • Vitamin An and zinc for invulnerable support
  • Vitamin C for iron
  • Vitamin B and B2
  • Easy to process
  • From 6 months, on
  • NO manufactured flavors, hues or additives