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What can I do to ensure that my infant gets enough milk?

What can I do to ensure that my infant gets enough milk?

Effective drinking quantities

One of the most common concern as a parent, is my child getting enough the right amount of milk? So if you worry about if your kid is getting enough milk, the first thing is to measure the amount of milk, you give to your kids. You can do this by weighing your infant, before and after breastfeeding. The difference will determine how much milk your infant is getting. Then you can discuss the results with your midwife or your doctor.

How do I ensure that my infant gets enough milk?

As a parent ensuring that you produce enough milk, is one of the biggest worries. You can guarantee that milk production is ample, by drinking Holle Organic Nursing Tea or tea blends. Also, you can massage your breast by using lactation promoting oil. Breastfeeding frequently helps to increase amount of milk production

Change Eating habits

The amount of milk production will ultimately depend on your eating habits So the first step to ensure that your kid is getting enough milk, you can do this by eating all the necessary food, that will helps to improve milk production. Foods which help to increase milk production include;

Taking herbal tea helps to improve milk production. You can also take mineral water or milk production tea.

  • Taking Dairy Products like curdled, Swedish or sour milk and also yogurt and whipping cream milk helps to increase milk production.
  • Almond products including almond butter, milk, oats
  • Oat or barley soup
  • Some raw fruits and vegetables


As a lactating mother you should, avoid foods which reduce milk production. Examples of foods that a parent you should avoid include;

  • Caffeine products like coffee, cocoa or black tea, cocoa,
  • Alcoholic and beverages riched in carbonic acids.
  • Apart from cauliflower and broccoli you should avoid cabbage varieties
  • Radiation exposed foods such as game, wild berries, and mushrooms.

Why is Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 the number 1 supplement?

Even though, you may read the above does and don't regarding feeding. Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 is still a vital aspect of a child diet. Why?

It comes with a well-balanced taste. A well-balanced flavor means that the formula is neither bitter nor too sweet.. Also, the formula has maltodextrin, this a carbohydrates lactose which provides the ample source of energy.


What is the right time to introduce infant porridge?

As the baby grows, his body requires nutrients which may not lack in breast milk. So at the age of 4 to 6 months, the baby is introduced to more foods. As a supplement source of nutrients, as a parent, you can start adding infant porridge.


At MyOrganic Company we understand the complexity of ensuring that your kid is getting enough nutrients. For more information, you can visit:

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Supplemental food phase according to age levels